James Blake – “A Case of You” Video

this is a return from a long lulled hiatus of music finding and writing. in one of the most turbulent times of my life, i chose this song and video to harp upon; a piece that i feel truly captures the various shades and forms of darkness that can confront you in whatever stage of life your setting in.

James Blake, the young prince of dubstep, does a remake of the classic Joni Mitchell song, “A Case of You”, with an amazingly expressive video to compliment, directed by Seb Edwards and starring the beautiful Rebecca Hall (The Town, Frost/Nixon, The Prestige). Hall’s variety of expressions and emotions is as wide as the light spectrum used in the video, capturing the perpetual abrupt changes of moments through time.

there are incredible fluctuations of light: light to dark in the blink of an eye; smiling moments brightened by the warmth of luminescence and then flashes to harsh darkness; smiles to slides, just like that.

its a god damn rollercoaster of emotions. its a video that seriously gives me chills everytime i watch it for no further reason that the tumultuous moments through it captures the chaotic nature of time thats hits all too close to reality. its not all good or bad. its not all light or dark. its everything in between. man it’ll fuck you up, but we just gotta stay on our feet…

check out “A Case of You” on James Blake’s Enough Thunder EP, released on October 10, 2011 via ATLAS.

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