Peaking Lights – Lucifer Mixtape

so two days ago I found this James Murphy set that I wanted to share with the world but I couldn’t figure out how to insert the damn screwy music player. follow the lame link at the bottom.

alas, it all happens for a reason cause I found another disco funk mixtape even nastier than James Murphy’s. but how can it be?!

turns out the stellar mix was made by this new age dub-pop duo and their baby, aka Peaking Lights.

exqueeze me? baking powder?  this mom and pop couple created this dirty disco mix entitled “Lucifer”?… in inspiration to their newborn baby?….

it all makes a bit more sense when you hear how they talk:

All of our record titles have come to us in dreams, daydreams and epiphanies. Lucifer sat so strong with us. It means “Venus, bearer of light” and is the first sign of the sunrise. There are some major astrological and astronomical events involving Venus in this year of 2012.

…It’s changed us, or maybe we were already changed when we wrote it and it is that cathartic release. There was a new approach to recording our rhythms and we were able to see thru many more influences. To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration.

ooooohhh. so they’re those kind of ppl… they look about like every young parent in line at greenlife in asheville, sipping on iced mate with a cart full of organic asparagus baby food.

regardless of hippy snobbery, this infant (Mikko) must be the most righteous baby-muse of all time, because he inspired two nasty funky mixtapes, in prelude to their full LP, Lucifer, out June 18, via Mexican Summer. listen to the first of the two mixtapes above. by the sounds of it, Lucifer will have us all feeling damn playful .

*James Murphy footnote:


here’s the James Murphy’s discotastic funk jam at the Boiler Room in London, via RBMA Radio.

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