a sound sleep for my wooly youth…

wooly youth is an honest new music blog that provides followers with updates and media resources to the new music world, while keeping true musical pleasure and passion in perspective, overriding the tyrannous trends and buzzes of the social media cluster fuck.

wooly youth was inspired by failure: an empty attempt at creativity. after a poem of mine was slanderously critiqued in a workshop, i impulsively dropped the class the next day without looking back.

i later discovered through hearsay in a bar that my poem, and my resultant childish resignation, had become a symbol for the teacher to forewarn her students about the difficulties of putting your personal productions in the public eye. one particular line stood out, as she told it, to have tremendous potential.

wooly youth is me grabbing onto that “one line” of creativity. an extended expression to my passion for music. and a fuck you to the latent resignation that lurks behind every one of life’s commitments.

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