Alberto Rossini – videos directed for Desire & Glass Candy

i’ve been seeing all these awesome videos coming out with beautiful Super 8 footage to compliment these kaleidescopic synth-pop songs from bands that i’ve shamefully rarely heard of. lo and behold they’re all done by the same italian director, Alberto Rossini. the guy takes this fantastic hazy real life footage and makes a simple ride in a van seem some wild throwback biopic. its really just pleasant to watch and matches the music perfectly.

check out two of my favorites below:

Desire – “Don’t Call”

Glass Candy – “Warm in the Winter”

you can also check out my past post for another Glass Candy video, Halloween.

Neon Indian – Polish Girl

This new track from Neon Indian’s highly anticipated follow-up album Era Extraña is sheer auditory excitement. If the unique psych-pop sounds of their premiere, Psychic Chasms, turned you on, from the sounds the steps up Alan Palomo has made on the electronic complexities and synth pop side of things, exampled on tracks like “Polish Girl” (below), it seems like Era Extraña will be straight up orgasmic. It’ll be released 9/13 through Palomo’s own Static Tongues imprint (via Mom + Pop) in North America.