The Rapture – “In the Grace of Your Love” Album Stream

Out of all the hyped mixtapes, tracks, and streams released today, getting to hear The Rapture’s forthcoming album In the Grace of Your Love in its entirety was by far the most rewarding crappy little notification i got today. The album stream, follows the same formula as their single “How Deep is Your Love?” in that it rocks out in every flavor: looking to old gospel influences with pounding organs, handclaps and anthematic vocals driving this dance of a good time from the beginning to the end. So quality. It’s one of those day-makers. Stream the entire album below through The White Out Sessions, courtesy of DFA.

In the Grace of Your Love will be out September 9 via DFA and it’s about fucking time we can add some more The Rapture to our repertoire. Also check out their fist pumping single “How Deep is Your Love?” below I posted on another fantastic blog freakoutmusic, of my good friend Peter’s: v4L, yes? (it means vol 4 life. it’s so close to football time in TN!)